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Top 5 gift ideas for New Parents

Top 5 gift ideas for New Parents
Best baby shower gifts 

What do you buy for parents who already have everything?

It can be hard to think of baby shower gifts for families who have already been through it all with previous children or who have already stocked their nursery. In an age where many of us are conscious of reducing reliance on disposable products and shopping chemical free, you may feel a little lost when it comes to gifting meaningful items to celebrate a birth.

At Designer Bums we love to up-cycle, so when we design our products we do so with future uses in mind. Specializing in items that can be used from birth to beyond, here are some of our favourite items which will be loved for years to come.

Picnic Rugs
Picnic Rugs are an essential for families who like to get out and about. Visits to the beach, park, and other outdoor events are made more comfortable with the perfect picnic rug. Designer Bums Picnic Rugs have a water resistant PUL layer on one side and luxurious black bamboo velour on the other side with a layer of light padding between. 

Generous in size, these are perfect for the whole family to relax on and can be easily washed if needed. 

Shop the range of Picnic Rugs here:  ​​ 

Luxury Organic Blankets 
Good quality blankets are the type of thing we often put off buying for ourselves, but are really a family essential making it the perfect thing to give as a gift. Used during winter to add warmth to beds, in summer to sleep lightly under, on the couch for snuggling, and out and many other occasions. Coming in 3 sizes you can buy in bassinet, single, or large sizes.
Although woolen blankets can be beautiful and warm, they can often be hard to clean which is why we use layers of cotton muslin in ours. Designer Bums blankets are easy to care for as they can be washed in the home washing machine up to 60 degrees so are perfect for growing families that may need to clean them multiple times. 
Good quality bedding is a gift that is always appreciated. Organic cotton bedding is breathable and gentle on skin, providing a comfortable sleep space. Our beautiful bedding features our custom artist illustrated designs, allowing you to personalize and bring life to any sleeping space. Whether you are using it in your little ones nursery, bedroom, for camping, or for a sleepover at Nan and Grandad’s house, you can rest assured that they have a luxuriously soft surface to sleep on. Our range of bedding includes fitted single sheets, bassinet sheets which couple as a change pad cover 

Shop the Sleep range here 

It can be tempting to buy all the cute teeny tiny baby clothing, but the reality is that they will grow out of clothing really quickly. Buying items which will be needed in the future can be a great way of helping beyond those initial few months. 

Smocks are something that parents may not be thinking about now, but when bubs is big enough to eat and starts playing around with art supplies they will be invaluable. Smocks cover the arms and upper body and protect clothing from getting wet and dirty. If using for mealtime the handy pocket at the front will catch food as well. 

Coming in 3 sizes, from 6 months - 6 years you will find something for everyone.

Wet bags
You may not know what a wet bag is (yet) but they are an essential for any parent! Made from water resistant materials they are great for storing soiled clothing when out and about, swim gear once swimming classes start, and are useful in compartmentalizing things in the baby bag. The XL wet bags are perfect for storing clothing that isn’t being uses and for organizing linen in the cupboard.

From the mini, to regular, travel pod, up to the XL, there is a size for everything. 
Shop Wet Bags here: Mini Wet Bag, Regular Wet Bag, Travel Wet Bag, XL Wet Bag