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Councils offering rebate programs

Reusable rebate programs are a great way of helping to offset some of the upfront cost of setting your family up with reusable products like Cloth Nappies, Reusable Wipes, Swim Nappies, and Sanitary products. Although they often don't pay for the full cost, they do help to put money back into your pocket.
Below is a list we have compiled of councils that offer a permanent or trial rebate program for using reusable cloth nappies and/or other reusable sanitary products.


Alpine Shire Council (VIC)

City of Ballarat (VIC)

City of Casey (VIC) 

Cardinia Shire (VIC) 

City of Whittlesea (VIC) 

City of Wodonga (VIC)

Mornington Peninsula Shire (VIC) 

Shire of Indigo and Towong (VIC)

Wyndham City Council (VIC) 


Albury City Council (NSW)

Blacktown City Council (NSW) 

City of Parramatta (NSW) 

Inner West Council (NSW)

Liverpool City Council (NSW)

Penrith City Council (NSW) 

Sutherland Shire (NSW)

Wagga Wagga City Council (NSW)


City of Townsville (QLD)

Livingstone Council (QLD) - Monthly draw


Shire of Augusta Margaret River (WA) 

Town of Bassendean (WA)

City of Bayswater (WA),-rubbish-and-recycling/cloth-nappy-rebate

City of Bunbury (WA)

City of Cockburn (WA)

Town of East Freemantle (WA)

Town of Victoria Park (WA)

City of Freemantle (WA)

City of Melville (WA)


City of Holdfast Bay (SA) 


City of Hobart (TAS)


Litchfield Council (NT) 

If a council program you have heard about, or used in the past is no longer being offered please get in touch with us. Similarly, if you know of a program that we don’t have listed please reach out and we will add it to our list so that more families like yours can start their cloth journey. 

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Calculate your Reusable Nappy savings with our Nappy Calculator

Value packs are another great way to make cost savings on your household budget when setting up your reusable stash. Our Nappy Value Packs allow you to add anywhere from a full day's worth with a 6 pack, right up to a full-time stash of 36 Nappies at a reduced price. Our range of buy now, pay later options can also help you to spread out this cost over a wider time period if needed.