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Smocks for Babies and Kids

Designer Bums Smocks are the perfect accessory for eating, baby lead weaning, art and messy play for babies and kids from six months to six years old! The ART POP Smock comes in our signature hand-illustrated prints and features long sleeves and elasticised wrists to keep the mess out and protect clothing. Cut down on laundry with this stylish and functional clothing bib cover.

Perfect for all activities. Designer Bums Smocks are versatile and ideal for eating, baby-led weaning, art, and messy play from six months to six years old.

Catcher pocket. Every baby smock features a handy built-in catcher pocket, helping to collect and contain messes.

Reduce laundry. The stylish and functional smock range helps you cut down on laundry while keeping your child's clothes clean from food, liquids, and art mess.

Three sizes. Our smocks come in three convenient sizes, perfect for small babies starting solids, messy toddler years, and creative children up to six years old. These smocks keep clothing clean during eating and play activities, reducing the need for constant wardrobe changes.

PUL outer. The PUL outer layer of our smocks ensures excellent waterproof protection, preventing leaks and keeping your child's clothing dry and mess-free.

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