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Luxury Organic Cotton Baby Bassinet Blanket

Designer Bums  Organic Cotton Baby Bassinet Blankets are the perfect Baby Blanket for creating a warm and cozy environment for your little one, whether it be in the cot, bassinet, pram or anywhere on the go. Our Bassinet Blankets feature a tight weave to ensure that your little ones fingernails do not create any pulls in the materials and you are able to confidently use it both in and out of the house. 

A standout feature of our Bassinet Blankets is that they can be washed adequately to remove soiling unlike traditional woolen baby blankets. Whether it be from toileting, sickness, or a reflux baby you can have confidence that you use these gorgeous Baby Blankets at all times whilst keeping them in pristine condition making them the perfect heirloom blanket to gift and pass on for generations to come.

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