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Create a Perfect Sleep Space for Your Newborn: Essential Tips and Products

Create a Perfect Sleep Space for Your Newborn: Essential Tips and Products

Welcoming a newborn into your home brings joy and, of course, a bit of chaos, especially when it comes to sleep. Babies, particularly in their first months, sleep for about 14-17 hours per day, but not all at once. These sleep sessions usually span brief periods of 2-3 hours throughout both day and night. During this time, newborns experience cycles of sleep that last around 40 minutes each, alternating between active sleep, where they might grunt or twitch and wake easily, and quiet sleep, where they are still and less likely to be disturbed. Understanding these patterns and creating a sleep environment that adapts to these needs helps your baby’s development and eases your mind.

The Importance of a Comfortable Sleep Space

A thoughtfully designed sleep space isn’t just pretty to look at; it's a must for your newborn's health and safety. Here's why creating a tranquil and comfortable sleeping environment is so important:

  • Developmental Support. Quality sleep aids the rapid mental and physical development during your newborn's early life. In a sleep-conducive environment, babies can cycle smoothly between active and quiet sleep, which enables brain maturation and learning.
  • Health Benefits. Sleep greatly influences a newborn’s immune system. A consistent sleep schedule in a calming space can help reduce your baby’s stress levels, which is good for their health from a holistic perspective.
  • Parental Well-being. It's not just about the baby; your sleep matters too! While it is natural for babies to wake frequently at night and change their schedule throughout their early years, a well designed sleep setup encourages familiarity, routine and hopefully longer sleep periods! With your baby sound asleep, you can get more rest and be better equipped to handle the joys and challenges of parenting.

Helpful Tips for Creating a Perfect Sleep Space 

When you were a newborn, you may find yourself inundated with advice from well-meaning relatives and friends who insist the way they did infant sleep is the best way, but research around safe sleep practices in infants is ever evolving. It is recommended to regularly check safe sleep guidelines to ensure your baby’s sleep space is optimal. Here are some of the ways you create a safe and serene space for your newborn.

Room Setup

  • Temperature. Keep the room comfortably cool, ideally between 20-22°C (68-72°F), to prevent overheating.
  • Light. Soft, dimmable lighting can soothe your baby to sleep, mimic the calm of nighttime, and regulate their sleep cycle.
  • Noise. A quiet environment is essential, but a white noise machine can also help mask disruptive sounds from the home or outside.


  • Positioning. Always place your baby on their back to sleep. This is the safest posture to reduce the risk of SIDS until your baby can safely roll back and forth on their own.
  • Cot Safety. Ensure the cot meets Australian/NZ Standard AS/NZS 2172, with a firm mattress that fits snugly without gaps. You can check for standard compliance by looking at the label or speaking to the seller.
  • Avoid Clutter. Keep the crib clear of pillows, stuffed animals, and loose blankets to avoid any suffocation risks.


  • Mattress and Bedding. Choose a firm mattress covered with a fitted sheet. Soft, breathable fabrics like those in Designer Bums’ Swaddles and Cot Sheets promise comfort without overheating.

Designer Bums' Sleep-Enhancing Products


Material matters when choosing swaddles for your baby. Polyester is not recommended because it doesn’t breathe well and traps heat, making it difficult for your baby to regulate their temperature. Steer clear of rough and abrasive fabrics as well because a newborn’s skin is delicate. 

Designer Bums has Swaddles that are not just beautiful but also perfectly safe for your baby. They are made with a blend of 70% silky bamboo and 30% GOTS-certified organic cotton muslin. Exceptionally soft and breathable, these Swaddles regulate your baby’s body temperature and offer a secure, womb-like feel that can improve their sleep quality.

Our Recommendations

Bassinet Blankets

Did you know that the tightness of a blanket’s weave is important for a safe sleep space? A newborn’s fingers and toes are tiny, so a tightly woven blanket prevents them from snagging in loose threads that could create a tourniquet effect. Another benefit is that the blanket will not unravel or become entangled around the baby. Our securely woven Baby Bassinet Blankets are breathable and made of natural fibers while also providing extra warmth in cooler months and act as a comforting weight. They are large enough to use in both the bassinet and cot while being safely tucked in around the mattress.

Our Recommendations

Cot Sheets

When looking for cot sheets for your newborn, the suitability of the material and the snugness of the fit should be your top considerations. Designer Bums’ Cot Sheets have an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification and are made from 100% organic cotton jersey, a skin-friendly, breathable material that offers the perfect comfort during warm and cool conditions. 

With generously stretchy fabric, they are designed to fit most round and oval mattresses. All you need to do is tuck the edges underneath.

Our Recommendations


Setting up a sleep space for your infant can be daunting, but being equipped with the right information and product will mean a more restful nap time for both parents and baby. 

Having the right products and keeping them well-organised helps you feel confident and relaxed. Explore Designer Bums’ range of Swaddles, Bassinet Blankets, and Cot Sheets to perfect your newborn’s sleep space. 



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