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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Stylish and Practical Picks for Every Mum

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Stylish and Practical Picks for Every Mum

Mother's Day is more than just an occasion; it's a chance to celebrate the incredible women who shape our lives—our mothers. This year, why not show your appreciation with a gift that's as thoughtful as it is sustainable? At Designer Bums, we've curated a selection of stylish and eco-friendly gifts perfect for every type of mum. Whether she's an adventurer, a fashionista, or someone who cherishes comfort, our guide has something special to make her day truly memorable. Join us as we explore unique, practical presents that not only delight but also vibe with an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Cosy Campers for the Comfort-Loving Mum

For the mum who treasures comfort and style, the Designer Bums Cosy Camper is the ultimate Mother's Day gift. This hooded blanket merges snug warmth with stylish, artist designed prints, so it’s perfect for mums who love to feel cosy whether they're relaxing at home or out on a cool evening. Made with a super soft outer fabric and a plush sherpa fleece interior, the Cosy Camper offers an irresistibly soft embrace that makes every day feel like a lazy Sunday.

What makes the Cosy Camper special is its family-friendly appeal. Available in both adult and children's sizes, these hooded blankets allow for adorable matching with the youngest members of your family, making them ideal for family movie nights, chilly morning walks, or simply lounging around the house.

We’ve kept sustainability in mind! Our Cosy Campers are made from recycled materials - there are now new plastics here!

How to Enjoy the Cosy Camper

  • Family Movie Night. Curl up on the couch with the whole family in matching Cosy Campers for a warm and whimsical movie experience. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Stargazing and Camping. Get wrapped up in your Cosy Camper and step outside on a clear night. The oversized hood and deep pockets make it easy to stay cosy while exploring the stars. These are great camping accessories!
  • Morning Coffee Al Fresco. Start the day wrapped in comfort with a cup of coffee on the porch, enjoying the morning air without the chill.
  • Save on Heating. Wearing your Cosy Camper means you don’t need to use the heater as often! Save money on your power bill this winter.

Single Blankets: Perfect Lap Rugs for Chilly Evenings

Warm up Mother's Day with Designer Bums Single Blankets, the perfect companion for any mum who loves to relax under a soft blanket. These luxury organic blankets are incredibly soft and fluffy, ideal for wrapping up on a chilly evening or adding an extra layer of warmth anytime.

Made from organic cotton muslin, these blankets are lightweight and breathable yet offer the heaviness needed for a comforting hug. They come in a variety of hand-illustrated designs (some vibrant, some understated) that can give character to any space, making them a stylish and eco-friendly choice for your home.

When to Use the Single Blanket

  • Couch Comfort. Perfect for snuggling up on the sofa during movie nights or while reading your favourite book, providing soft, breathable warmth.
  • Reading Nook Upgrade. Enhance Mum's favourite reading chair by draping this luxurious blanket over it. It will add warmth and style to her special reading corner.
  • Nighttime Comfort. Great as an extra layer during colder nights or by itself during warmer seasons for just the right amount of comfort without overheating.

Picnic Mats for the Adventure-Seeking Mum

The adventurous mum will adore the Designer Bums Picnic Mats; they are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to be outdoors. These large premium mats are a must have for every adventure. 

Whether it's a spontaneous picnic or a planned outdoor event, these mats are a fantastic addition to any day out. Measuring a generous 2.5 m x 1.48 m, they provide ample space for the whole family to relax, yet are surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry in their own matching bag.

The picnic mats feature a reversible design, letting you choose between a soft black bamboo velour for comfort or a vibrant hand-illustrated PUL topping when you want to add a splash of art to your Mum’s outdoor setup. Not only are they easy to roll up and store, but they’re also machine washable. That way, they're ready for your next adventure without fuss.

Scenarios to Unroll Mum’s Picnic Mat

  • Beach Days. Stretch out on the sand and soak up the sun with plenty of room for friends and family. When you’re done, the sand is easy to shake off your mat.
  • Park Gatherings. Ideal for lazy afternoons at the park, providing a soft spot for lounging and games.
  • Backyard Fun. Turn your garden into a comfy retreat for reading, playing, or just enjoying the outdoors.
  • Sport days. Fit the whole mini-soccer team on these mats. They’re ideal for watching the kids play sports on cool, dewy mornings.

Beach Cooler Bags: Ideal for the On-the-Go Mum

For the mum always on the move, the Designer Bums Cooler Bag is more than just a practical accessory—it's a style statement. This multifunctional cooler bag is designed to keep your outings as fresh as your meals, whether it’s a day at the beach or a quick lunch at the office.

This cooler bag isn’t just about keeping things cool; it’s designed to ensure you do it in style. Not too bulky yet spacious enough, it’s perfect for packing everything from snacks and drinks to a full picnic spread. With its shoulder strap and sturdy handles, it’s easy to carry, even when fully loaded.

These bags come in a range of eye-catching designs as well as a staple black. They feature multiple pockets—both insulated and non-insulated—for maximum organisation, premium zippers, and hardware that hold up to daily use.

When Mum’s Cooler Bag Can Save the Day

  • Beach Day Out. Keep your beverages and snacks cool and refreshing under the sun. Yes, they fit a bottle of wine!
  • Work Lunch Bag. Step up your lunch game with a bag that keeps your meals cool and fresh through your workday.
  • Family Picnics. Perfect for packing up all your picnic essentials and keeping them fresh as you find your spot under the sun.
  • Sporting Events. Great for those soccer game days or outdoor sports, ensuring you and the kids have fresh refreshments on hand.

Crossbody and Bum Bags: Must-Haves for the Stylish Mum

For the fashion-forward mum, Designer Bums offers a fabulous selection of Crossbody and Bum Bags. Both bags are not only trendy but built to keep all her essentials organised while she's on the move.

Designer Bums Crossbody Bags redefine what it means to be both a baby bag and a fashion statement. With the elegance of a designer handbag and the practicality of a parenting staple, this bag transforms to suit Mum’s shifting roles throughout the day. Its well-thought-out interior features two main compartments that zip open to reveal five internal pockets, including special spots for wipes, insulated areas for bottles, and a water-resistant pocket, making it an ideal companion for day trips with or without the kids.

Making a strong comeback, the Designer Bums Bum Bag is the ultimate accessory for the active mum. It’s designed to hold all her small, crucial items like phones, keys, and wallets, allowing her to be hands-free while managing everything from playground adventures to festival fun. Lightweight yet durable, this bag offers quick access to belongings without the hassle of digging through a larger bag.

Uses for Mum’s Crossbody Bag

  • Daily Outings. Whether it’s a park visit or a shopping trip, Mum can carry everything she needs in style.
  • As a Stylish Handbag. Transition it easily into a regular handbag when the baby essentials are no longer needed.
  • Travel. Compact yet spacious enough to serve as a small carry-on with essential items within easy reach.

Ideal Scenarios for Bum Bags

  • Outdoor Adventures. Keep essentials close during hikes, beach days, or any outdoor activity.
  • Event Outings. Perfect for concerts or fairs where you need quick access to items without the bulk.
  • Everyday Errands. Streamline tasks like grocery runs or coffee dates with hands-free ease.

Make Mother’s Day Memorable

As we wrap up our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, we’ve explored a range of stylish and practical picks that are sure to delight every mum. From the lovely comfort of the Cosy Campers and the plush warmth of Single Blankets to the adventure-ready Picnic Mats, beach-perfect Cooler Bags, and the ever-chic Crossbody Bags and Bum Bags, each product is sure to make her go ‘Wow!’. These gifts are thoughtful, and they are compatible to a tee with the lifestyle of a modern, eco-conscious mum.

This Mother's Day, take the opportunity to show your appreciation with a gift that fits her life perfectly. Whether she’s the queen of outdoor adventures or a lover of cosy nights in, there’s something from Designer Bums that she’s bound to love. Don’t just take our word for it—head over to our website to see the full range and find that perfect gift in time for Mother's Day. And if you’ve found this guide helpful, why not share it? You might just help someone else discover the ideal gift to light up their mum’s day.