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Welcoming New DB Artist: Grace Vuetaki

Welcoming New DB Artist: Grace Vuetaki

Introducing the talented and gorgeous Artist Grace Vuetaki We are very excited to have her as an ongoing contributor to the Designer Bums team!

New DB Artist : Grace VuetakiFor Grace, the inspiration behind her art comes from her Fijian heritage. Born to an Australian mother and Fijian father, she grew up on the sunny New South Wales Central Coast with three older siblings. Her mother, a “colour loving hippie and avid beachgoer” always encouraged her to embrace Fijian culture and she has fond memories of her father bringing home an array of tropical fruits for them to eat. There is no doubt that her upbringing as a baby from the 90s, with a Fijian heritage and a westernised lifestyle, has found its way into her illustrations and paintings.

She didn’t always want to be an artist however, she always knew she would end up doing something creative. Whether it was doodling all over her school books, staying late in art class or painting at home, Grace’s mind always wandered into creative spaces. She toyed with the idea of becoming an architect due to her love of drawing her dream home, but luckily she became an artist and now can’t imagine doing anything else.

From the tropical aesthetics that come from the islands, to the men and women of Fiji with flowers and ferns behind their ears, it’s clear to see why Grace says she’s naturally drawn to colours and patterns - it’s in her blood. She also finds inspiration in her surroundings, plants, animals and her life choices. She lists her main artistic influence as Frida Kahlo citing the colours she wore, the truth she spoke, and the emotion her artworks represented as her main reasons. Grace uses watercolour and acrylic paint to bring her colourful artworks to life.

When she’s not designing, Grace likes to spend time with family and friends by the beach and enjoys any outdoor activities. Excitingly, she is expecting her first baby this October!
Checkout the SHE WOLF print (above) as part of our upcoming Wandering Earth Collection 🐺🌻