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Using your Designer Bums Modern Cloth Nappies when travelling

Using your Designer Bums Modern Cloth Nappies when travelling

For some, the decision and subsequent transition to using cloth nappies on your children was a fairly easy road once you discovered the style that suited you and got some good quality information about washing them. However, being faced with the need to utilise cloth nappies away from home may be significantly more daunting. At Designer Bums, we know how much you like showing off those cute cloth nappies, so we have some advice on how to share the cloth love when you are out of your comfort zone. You will be pleased to know that just like the fact that you aren’t the only family using cloth nappies, you also aren’t the only ones who have contemplated travelling with cloth.

For those that use traditional terry flats, the prospect of cloth away from home is usually not as daunting as the challenges faced by those that like the convenience of the multi-layered inserts in modern cloth nappies such as the thirsty Designer Bums ART POP AI2 nappies. Whichever type you use, for more than a few days away, the preference for access to a good quality washing machine is high on the list of priorities. Of course, there is always the option to use disposable nappies when you are out and about and there is definitely not shame in that but for those looking for some handy tips, we can help you take your Designer Bums on the road.

Day trips

The first thing that you will need for trips out is at least one good quality wet bag. A wet bag allows you to remove a soiled nappy from your child, roll it up with the inserts concealed within the cover and place it in the bag to be dealt with at home. This is handy whether you travel with cloth or disposable nappies as some locations do not have a toilet nearby to dispose of solid waste and other locations ask that nappies be taken and disposed of at home.

Designer Bums wet bags are made using good quality, breathable, polyurethane laminate (PUL) and a fine tooth, plastic moulded, coil zipper. Both of these properties are really important for containing moisture and smells. The dual pocket design allows you to store a couple of clean nappies, wipes and a tube of nappy cream securely in the front, while soiled nappies can be contained in the larger pocket at the back. Once you get home, just remove the nappies from the wet bag and store in your dry pail until you are ready to wash.

Short duration trips (up to 3 days)

Staying away from home for a few days is a little more involved and requires a bit more organisation. The biggest barrier to travelling is ensuring that you have enough nappies to last your entire trip if you don’t have access to washing and drying facilities. A supply of wet bags to contain your nappies for the duration of the trip is a necessity. The large Designer Bums wet bags can easily store 12 soiled nappies when rolled and secured using the snaps.

Long duration trips

When travelling for longer periods, consider the conditions that you will be living under. Holiday parks and self-contained accommodation often have washing facilities. These facilities will allow you to wash on your usual schedule but may limit you to only cold water and shorter wash cycles. In this instance, rinsing with warm water in the sink before transferring to your dry pail will help to reduce the soiling load. Consider the wash cycles on the machine. You will need a wash cycle of at least 30 minutes to remove bulk soiling, followed by a separate long wash to ensure the nappies are clean for re-use. Depending on the climate that you are staying in, a dryer or clothesline can be used to dry your Designer Bums nappies.

For camping trips where you have limited access to water and no washing machine, you will find disposables easier to manage. If you really want to continue using your Designer Bums nappies, you can wash used nappies daily in a bucket of warm water with detergent. The use of a plunger or washboard will create the necessary agitation to remove the soiling. Just ensure that used water is disposed of carefully. Do not allow the water to be tipped out near any watercourses, as contamination of waterways with black water is not only illegal but also environmentally damaging.

For larger quantities of nappies or storing your dirty washing, the Designer Bums XL wet bag will be a welcome addition to your travel kit. Large enough to hold a few days worth of clothes for the whole family, this bag is equipped with two handles to hang out of the way in a cupboard or on a door. Hotel, caravan or tent, an XL wet bag will make laundromat visits a breeze and can be used to ensure that you don’t drop any of your items on the way there or back.


After any period where your nappies may not have been washed under optimal conditions, a long, 60 degree wash with a full dose of good quality commercial washing detergent should be undertaken to ensure that any soiling is thoroughly removed. If you are travelling and staying with family members, it is prudent to ask permission to bring your nappies with you. Some people struggle with the concept of having dirty nappies washed in their machine and it is important to respect the wishes of your hosts. If you need to leave your nappies at home, take the opportunity to have a well-deserved break and you will come home with a renewed appreciation of your beautiful Designer Bums nappies.