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How Designer Bums’ Award-Winning Reusable Nappies Are Changing the Game

How Designer Bums’ Award-Winning Reusable Nappies Are Changing the Game

What a year it's been for us already, and it’s all thanks to you! We’re bursting with excitement (and a little bit of pride) to share some fantastic news. Once again, your favourite Modern Cloth Nappies (and more!) have caught the eyes and hearts of families across Australia, winning big at the My Child Excellence Awards 2023.

Gold Stars All Around 

Let’s start with the golds, shall we? For the second year running, our Cloth Nappies have been crowned Australia’s Favourite Reusable Nappy Product. Knowing you love them as much as we do makes every design, every stitch, worth it. But that’s not all - our Ultimate Backpacks snagged their first-ever Gold as Favourite Nappy Bag Product. And, because good things come in threes, we’ve also been named Favourite Fashion Label once more. It seems our passion for combining style with sustainability is hitting the mark!

Silver Linings

Our commitment to providing a full range of eco-friendly, stylish baby essentials was further recognised with Silver awards for our Swaddles, Swim Nappies, and Travel Wet Bags. It's thrilling to see our extended family of products receiving such love and appreciation from you. 

More Than Just Awards 

Winning these awards isn’t just about the accolades. It's a testament to how we, as a community, are driving change towards more sustainable parenting. Our Cloth Nappies aren’t just about keeping your little ones dry and comfortable; they’re about making a choice for the environment, without compromising on style or convenience.

A Journey Together 

From the very beginning, Designer Bums was born out of a desire to offer parents stylish, high-quality alternatives that are kind to our planet. Our journey has been about more than just creating products; it's been about inspiring a movement. With each hand-illustrated design, we invite you into a story of creativity, sustainability, and joy.

Acknowledging Our Roots 

It’s also a moment to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come. Last year’s nods—from being finalists in the 2023 Conscious Brand Awards to winning Gold for Best Cloth Nappy at the Clean + Conscious Awards, not to mention our accolades from AusMumpreneur and She-com—laid the groundwork for the grand finale.

A Heartfelt Thank You 

So, here’s a massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are new to the Designer Bums family, your support means the world. You’re not just choosing reusable nappies; you’re choosing a brighter, cleaner future for our little ones.

The Future is Bright (and Beautifully Designed) 

As we celebrate today, we’re also looking ahead, dreaming up the next designs, and finding new ways to make eco-friendly living as joyful and stylish as ever. Your favourites are ready and waiting, with new adventures in print and sustainability just around the corner.

Until then, keep sharing your stories, photos, and experiences with us. It’s your feedback, your enthusiasm, and your commitment to making a difference that keep us inspired every day.

Here’s to changing the game, one reusable nappy at a time. Come check out what makes us the best at

With love and gratitude,

The Designer Bums Team

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