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Do Cloth Nappies Save You Money?

Do Cloth Nappies Save You Money?


When weighing their options for baby care, one of the big questions that pops up for new and expecting parents is whether to use disposable or cloth nappies. It's not just a choice between what's easy and what's eco-friendly; it's also a significant financial decision. Let's dive into the cloth nappy vs disposable nappy debate and uncover the real savings behind the sustainable choice.

Why Cloth Nappies are a Budget-Friendly Choice

Upfront Costs vs. Long-Term Savings

The initial price tag of cloth nappies can cause a bit of sticker shock. Don’t let the price dissuade you, because setting up your stash is an investment. However, our newborn, OSFM, and large cloth nappies are built to last 3–4 years and can be reused for subsequent children, stretching your dollar further than you might think.

Designer Bums Nappy Calculators have crunched the numbers, revealing that parents can save $54 a month, $657 a year, and $1,314 over two years by choosing cloth nappies. This saving doesn't even account for the potential to reuse these nappies for more than one child, which doubles or even triples the value of your initial investment.

The Real Cost of Disposable Nappies 

Let's break down the cost of disposables. A pack of 100 disposable nappies runs about $122. Considering a baby goes through approximately 6-8 nappies daily, that's a monthly expense upwards of $100, easily surpassing the $1,200 mark each year. Over the two to three years your child is in nappies, the cost can balloon to over $3,600, a hefty sum compared to the sustainable alternative.

Maximising Savings with Cloth Nappies

Caring for cloth nappies is key to maximising their life and your savings. A simple routine of dry-pailing, pre-rinsing, and washing with the right amount of detergent ensures your nappies stay in top condition. Avoiding high temperatures and tumble-drying the shells helps maintain their quality, making sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Designer Bums offers Nappy Value Packs that offer you an economical way to build your collection. Starting at $212 for a 6 Nappy Pack, these bundles are tailored to offer the best value, ensuring you have a rotation that keeps up with your baby's needs without breaking the bank. For your convenience, here is the full list of our bundles:

The Hidden Costs of Disposable Nappies

Beyond the sticker price, disposable nappies carry environmental and health costs. Every day in Australia and New Zealand, 3.75 million disposables are thrown away, contributing to landfill and pollution. These disposables are not just a burden on your wallet but on the planet too, because they take hundreds of years to decompose. Designer Bums’ Nappy Calculators shed light on a compelling fact: by choosing cloth nappies for your child, you're preventing approximately 180 disposables each month, or 2,190 a year, from ending up in landfills.

Disposables also contain chemicals like SAPs, dyes, and dioxins, which can lead to nappy rash and allergic reactions. Cloth nappies, made from organic and hypoallergenic materials like vegan suede and bamboo cotton, offer a safer alternative for your baby's skin. 

Embracing the Full Value of Cloth Nappies 

Choosing cloth nappies is not just about saving money; it's about investing in a healthier planet and a healthier baby. The stylish designs and high-quality materials used by Designer Bums make cloth nappying a joy, not a chore. With cloth, you're not just making a financial decision but also choosing a lifestyle that values sustainability, health, and style.


The decision to use cloth nappies is a smart one, financially and environmentally. The savings are clear when you look beyond the upfront cost and consider the long-term benefits. With Designer Bums, you're not just buying nappies; you're investing in a sustainable future for your family and the planet. 

Ready to start saving and make the switch to cloth? Explore Designer Bums' cloth nappy range and find the perfect fit for your baby and your budget.

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