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Reusable Muslin Cloth Wipes

Soft and natural, our reusable baby wipes are the perfect companion for nappy changes, messy faces and everything in between both at home and on the go. Made from premium natural fibres that are durable, luxurious on the skin while highly effective at cleansing and can be washed and reused making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. Featuring exclusive custom-illustrated artwork, these are the ultimate and most beautiful premium cloth wipes. Made to last your family and as always with sustainability and the environment in mind.

Multi-purpose. Our reusable wipes are perfect for nappy changes, makeup removal, hand and face cleaning, and surfaces, at home or on the go.

Premium natural fibres. Made from luxurious bamboo and GOTS-certified organic cotton muslin, our wipes are durable and touch your baby’s skin gently.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly. Washable and reusable wipes are a sustainable and budget-friendly choice. 

Exclusive artwork. Featuring unique custom-illustrated designs, our reusable wipes add beauty to functionality.

Long-lasting. Designed to endure, our reusable baby wipes are made to last your family, reducing waste, and saving you money.

Safe and conscious. Manufactured to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, our six-packs ensure safety for your baby's skin and the environment.

Highly absorbent. Muslin's natural fibres are highly absorbent, and our wipes become even softer and fluffier with each wash.

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