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Cloth Nappy Inserts

Designer Bums premium Cloth Nappy Inserts and Wash Bags are a great addition to your Designer Bums Modern Cloth Nappies when your baby needs extra absorbency and boosting or drying is taking longer than expected. Made from our ultra-absorbent custom-milled bamboo/cotton, which is sturdy and offers gentle natural fibres for delicate skin. 
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15% off for 6-11 nappy inserts | 20% off for 12+ nappy inserts.

Key Features
Gentle & natural materials. Crafted from fabrics like custom-milled natural bamboo and terry cotton, our Cloth Nappy Inserts offer eco-friendly comfort for your baby.
Skin-friendly lining. Your baby experiences no discomfort or irritability with our Nappy Inserts, just the comfort of either cloud-soft fleece or vegan suede. 
High absorbency. Thirsty bamboo cotton, thickly layered up to 7 times in our Large Nappy Snap-In Trifold Insert, ensures that your baby stays dry and comfortable, day or night.
Snap-in feature. Enjoy effortless nappy changes with products like Trifold Snap-In Insert that snap directly into the nappy shell, staying securely in place.
Versatile compatibility. Our OSFM Cloth Nappy Boosters ensure a broad range of compatibility with our Designer Bums Newborn Nappies and those of most other brands.
Variety. Get the perfect insert to suit your baby's unique needs. Choose from our snake, rectangular, anchor, and trifold nappy inserts.

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