Baby Nappy Change Mats

Designer Bums Change Mats are the most perfect and practical accessory for nappy changes on the go!

Our premium nappy changing mat has a water-resistant PUL backing featuring our adorable, signature designer prints. The top layer consists of luxury bamboo velour that provides a silky-soft place to lay your baby down anywhere, that is both comfortable and hygienic and protects your baby from hot or cold surfaces. The black bamboo and PUL combination are easy to keep clean and wash, plus they roll-up nice and small with a handy snap up handle to fit in any nappy bag, glove compartment or pram making it completely convenient and portable with a snap handle.

A must have change table mat, that is not only practical but lightweight, fun and fashionable! It is the perfect travel companion when you need to change your baby on the move, such as in a car or on a plane. Made in generous 80cm x 50cm sizes, it can be used to cover your change table at home or if youโ€™re in a public facility. It can also be used as a play mat when heading outdoors to the park or beach, or even as a pram or car seat protector, or at any other time a sanitary and protective layer is required!