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Baby Nappy Changing Mats

Designer Bums Baby Change Mat is a must-have accessory for every nappy bag. This premium baby changing mat is designed to provide a comfortable and hygienic surface for your baby's nappy changes, whether you're at home, travelling or on the go. 

Key Features;

Exclusive Design: Our baby change mats boast our signature, exclusive designer prints, adding a touch of style to your baby essentials.

Quality Material: The mat is topped with soft, luxury bamboo velour, ensuring a comfortable surface for your little one during nappy changes.

Water-Resistant: The nappy change mat features a water-resistant PUL backing, keeping your baby dry and ensuring easy clean-up after use.

Portable: Our travel change mat rolls up neatly and comes with a handy snap-up handle, making it easy to fit into any nappy bag, glove compartment, or pram. This portable change mat is designed for convenience and functionality.

Hygienic: This baby changing mat ensures a clean and safe environment for nappy changes, no matter where you are.

Versatile: These baby change mats are not just for nappy changes. Because of their padded surface, you can lay your baby down anywhere, anytime. These are perfect for changing your baby’s nappies even while travelling.

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