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May Gibbs Picnic Mats

Designer Bums Premium Picnic Mats are a gorgeous large size to take with you on all of your adventures. At 2.5m x1.48m they provide ample room for groups to relax and stretch out at the park, beach, backyard, and any other excursion. Lightly padded and laser quilted, they are gentle to rest on and perfect for your little one to lay on whilst out and about. Designer Bums Premium Picnic Mats are generous in size but fold and roll up easily for storage in their own bag, making transporting and storing them a breeze.

Designer Bums Premium Picnic Rugs are reversible so that you can choose which side of the mat to use depending on your surface. You may want to show off the beautiful hand illustrated designs on the PUL topping, or flip the mat to rest on the luxurious black bamboo velour. No matter what the adventure you will want to have your Designer Bums Premium Picnic Rug with you to provide a comfortable surface for relaxation, play, picnics, and more.

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