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Blush Moon Cloth Pad
Blush Moon Cloth Pad

Blush Moon Cloth Pad

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  • Liner
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Ultra

Designer Bums Reusable Cloth Pads provide the ultimate in comfort and support while offering a low-tox option for optimal feminine health. Our reusable cloth pads are a sustainable choice that prevents thousands of single use pads and tampons entering landfill and waterways and the benefit of cost-savings over time. These attractive and aesthetically pleasing cloth pads are topped with various layers of highly absorbent and luxurious GOTS certified organic cotton which is manufactured to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 to ensure the exclusion of harmful ingredients, meaning they are safe for your delicate skin and kind to the environment. Backed with our signature designer printed PUL which is water-resistant, breathable and washable. Light-weight and incredibly comfortable, our cloth pads can be used for a range of purposes such as menstrual cycle, comfort liner, incontinence, perspiration, post-partum bleeding or maternity with 4 handy sizes to cater for all needs, absorbency and sizes.

To fit pads, place in underpants with printed fabric side down and black organic cotton side up. Wrap wings around underwear and snap studs closed on one of the two settings.


  • Liner / Light Flow Pad - 2 x Layers of organic cotton absorbency -  Length 22cm.
  • Medium Flow Pad - 3 x Layers of organic cotton absorbency - Length 26cm
  • Heavy Flow - 4 x Layers of organic cotton absorbency – Length 30cm
  • Ultra Heavy Flow / Post Partum - 5 x Layers of organic cotton absorbency – Length 35cm


  1. Hand-rinse pads in cold to warm water under the tap until water is clear. Gently squeeze out excess tater and dry-pail at the end of each day.
  2. Main Cycle Every 2-3 days maximum on Heavy / Long cottons cycle at 40-60 degrees MAX with the full amount of detergent for your load size - Adding a pre-wash to this cycle is recommended. Recommended to be added to towels or cloth nappy washing loads. Do NOT soak in napisan, bleach or detergents or user softeners as this may damage the fabrics. Do not iron.
  3. Drying: Smooth from the machine and lay flat to keep shape. Line dry outdoors is recommended with the organic cotton side facing towards sunshine or indoors on drying rack. Ensure pads are completely dry before storing away to avoid mould forming and allow 24-48 hours or longer in winter months. Allow for minor shrinking of natural organic fibres.

Please choose carefully as we cannot accept returns for hygiene reasons.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Home use

These were prefect while I was on maternity leave as I didn’t leave the house much.

My teen stepdaughters and find them to be a little bulky and move too much especially if you are on the move. Therefore we tend to use them for night or when we are at home.

The quality is great and they wash easy.

Wish I’d got these sooner

These hold so much and have such great coverage! So much more comfortable than disposable pads and don’t need to worry about leaks, I’m so glad I got these and won’t be going back!

emmalee Gardner
Comfort 5 star!

Super comfy and soft fabric. I’m definitely converted from the traditional pad!

Why didn't I switch sooner?!

These are so much more comfy than disposable pads/ tampons! And no leaks over night which I was worried about 🙌 I wish I'd converted to these amazing reusable pads earlier!