"Beautiful large wet bag, is so handy to hang on back of door as laundry bag, and will come in very handy when camping too! Love the designs"
Zoe C.
Now I need more!
"Excellent product, and the design is so intricately beautiful! I didn't know what a wet bag was before this one, and now I need all the wet bags!"
Eryn P.
Beautiful Design
"Love the design, great quality materials. Looking forward to adding more Designer Bums to my stash :-)"
Aleisha A.
Cute and practical
"Change mat is a great size and looks super cute. Is soft and cozy for Bub to lie on and I love that it folds up really small."
Katrina M.
Art for the bum
"The vibrant colours of these prints are out of this world! The wetbags are really helpful to organise my nappy bag. I can hang a mini off my ergo 360 for a quick trip. Out. Original and great quality. Customer service amazing."
Yvette Adlard
Fantastic quality
"Love the trifolds for a bit of extra oomph and boosting. Beautiful and soft. Love the size- not as bulky as other trifolds I have. Great to have a few extras."
Yvette Adlard
Great for my state of mind!
"Amazing. It might sound a bit craZy but using designer bums has helped my post natal state of mind hugely! It's a wonderful feeling to know you're doing something for the earth and your bub's future. The community and help provided with fit can't be beaten. The prints are always fresh."
Yvette Adlard
So many uses
"We absolutely love our change mat. It makes the nursery beautiful (we use two for the change table!), super easy to take places (roll up small), doesn't have the annoying Velcro of other change mats, they are really soft, easy to wash, and the print is out of this world 😉"
Matthew A.
Comfort & style; anytime, anywhere.
"Gorgeous print, comfortable and soft, the envy of all the babies at Playgroup ;) Folds down slim and takes minimal space in our nappy bag (thank goodness!) I look for rad to nappy changes now- We love our Designer Bums accessories!"
Holly L.
Trifold Bamboo inserts
"I bought theyrifolds to add to my designer bums so that we could use overnight. They worked perfectly and lasted 10 hours. Very happy with purchase and will definitely get a few more."
Tammy S.
The best!
"These are so great for freeing up floor space that was once invaded by those ugly stand up laundry baskets. Just hang over the back of the door and you get to skip seeing a monstrosity and see a work of art instead! No wet smelly laundry if the floor gets wet after bath time and no eyesore in the room. I'm definitely getting one for every room"
Rebekkah Watson
So versatile and gorgeous
"Change mat, trolley seat liner, extra blanket, pram liner, drop cloth, play mat, mop! These change mats can be used for almost anything!!! And with such gorgeous prints why wouldn't you use them for everything"
Rebekkah W.
Xl wet bag
"I love this item and can't wait to get another in the next release"
Pamela G.
Perfect fit and beautiful designs
"I was so skeptical to try MCN because of bad experiences in the past but I will never look back now that I've found Desigber Bums! They fit perfectly and are just so beautiful!!! I'm already obsessed! I absolutely love the colours of Star Child, they suit my bub so well."
Rochelle L.
Bamboo trifolds
"Love these trifolds. Small enough to not add too much extra bulk in the nappy, but very absorbent."
"Does the job well and looks adorable - need summer to come so it can be an outfit on its own."
Indiana C.
Fab mini wet bags
"I love the DB mini wet bags. In my house they are used to store anything from a nappy, to toys, to metal straws and cutlery, makeup, medicine, keep cups, wet cloth wipes and more!! They are a fabulous size for hanging on the pram, from the carrier or piling a bunch of them in your carry on for travel. Plus if you've already got a whole collection of nappies it's a great way to collect all the prints you love ;)"
Mikaela D.
The bag of 100 uses.
"These little wetbags are so versatile. From nappies, to snacks, to sets of blocks - there are hundreds of uses. The beautiful print is a bonus too! I Iove how unique and special the artwork is."
Meaghan K.
Drops Of Jupiter
"Now that mini's are back in the atmosphere With drops of Jupiter in a wetbag style, hey, hey Bub acts like summer and wets nappies like rain Reminds me that there's time to change and put it in the mini bag, hey, hey Absolutely love the detail in this design and the mini wetbag uses! Love! (Just another Db design appreciator following the tone of the review trend haha)"
Chloe M.
"Absolutely love Peony Posy. I've used it on both my chunky 16 month old and my newborn. The fit has been perfect for both. The pattern itself is gorgeous. A+"
Tiffany S.
Peony perfect!!
"Great change mat that is easily thrown into my nappy bag, gorgeous print that I adore and it gets comments everywhere we go, plus it washes and dries so easily. Would recommend any db change mar 100%"
Hayley W.
Beautiful nappies!
"I love DBs. Owned by an amazing Mumma who has researched the crap out of inserts and has hers custom milled to make them the most absorbant I’ve ever tried, right off the bat with no soaking required. She also hires other Mummas as artists, and is considerate in sourcing her art. No cultural appropriation going on over here. Love the ethics of this company, and the brilliant trim design and amazing art make these a no brainer!"
Melanie M.
Better than a bouquet of the real thing!
"Beautiful, vibrant and made my wife’s day when it was delivered, just like a real bouquet. If only the nappies she stuffs in it smelt like peonies too..."
Jeremy W.
A handy little bag!
"I use this little mini bag for everything. From wet or dry cloth wipes to my groceries."
alana m.
Pure Elegance
"This wetbag is absolutely stunning! It grabs people’s attention so easily. It is practical & elegant at the same time. It is definitely my go to wetbag when I’m out & about."
Eleisha H.
Absolute love!
"This XL wet bag is perfect and I absolutely love the Peony Posy print"
Anna D.
Like heaven on my breasts!
"I initially bought the Designer Bums breasts pads while early in my pregnancy in preparation for breastfeeding once I’d delivered my bub. But even now in my second trimester they have been a saving grace! My eczema has become so severe with the new flow of hormones during my pregnancy and these breast pads have kept me hygienic and have reduced my pain as they move with me as I shift in my bra. So grateful for these breast pads!"
Lucie S.
Beautiful in every way
"This nappy was love at first sight. The photos don’t do it justice. I just love the feel, fit and look of these nappies. My only regret is not buying them earlier!"
Amy T.
Heaven Sent
"Amazing! Love the larger size - I use it for everything, everywhere! Blanket when travelling, towel at the beach, cover over my prams and to style the nursery!"
Rheannon V.
Obsessed With These Nappies!
"I am absolutely stoked with these nappies and will be purchasing more very, very soon! The look, feel and quality is second to none."
Asti S.