Beautiful and stays put
"This is the first bib that my daughter hasn’t tried to pull off. She has always been one to rip her bib off straight away but with this one she doesn’t touch it. I think it’s the combination of silky soft fabric and trim and the beautiful prints that makes her leave them on. Just perfect"
Lauren F.
Soft and stylish
"Very absorbent, patterns are stunning."
Catherine M.
Amazing designs & nappies
"These nappies are amazing & without a doubt the best quality & performance in any MCN. You can’t go wrong with designer bums"
Georgia M.
Best smock ever
"Not only does this smock keep baby’s clothes clean while they feed themselves, it looks good too! For less messy meals it copes with a wipe down for a second use. The food catcher is great too. Fantastic product!"
Lucy W.
Thirsty and soft!
"The new anchor inserts are soft and hold their shape after the wash. It’s good to have spares for the winter when drying time is extended."
Lucy W.
love it !!!
"these smocks are amazing! makes meal time and art experiences so much better knowing my son's clothes will stay clean"
Emma G.
Very Happy
"Excellent brand of nappie. Love the patterns!"
Danika S.
Berry love.
"Perfect nappy. Fits nicely on my daughter and is amazing to look at. We picked this design because it has all the berries on it that we have in our own fairy garden."
Ashley T.
Folk Family Time
"Folk festival reg wetbag was hubbys pick, the colours in it was so amazing we had to go back and buy it in the nappy too 🎻 🥁 🎶 🎉"
Nikki L.
This wetbag is sexy and you know it !
"When I walk on by Mums be looking like ‘...damn she fly’ Pram so pimped out, I ain’t no dag Walking down the street with a new wetbag This is how I roll Peacocking my animal print wetbag, outta control I’m a Poptart with the a big stash And coz of it, I ain’t got no cash! Girl look at that wetbag! Girl look at that wetbag?! Girl look at that wetbag!!! She-she’s, a Poptart! Girl look at that wetbag! Girl look at that wetbag?! Girl look at that wetbag!! She-she’s, a PopTart!"
Rebecca R.
LOVE these nappies
"These are the best nappies we've tried by far. Easy to use (just lay the inserts in), not as bulky as most MCNs, more absorbent than any other brand, and of course the prints are original and beautiful (especially this one!!). Love being part of the DB community, too :)"
Manisa M.
This print won hubby over!!
"DB's were love at first wear for me, super absorbent, good for the environment and great to look at... What more could you want, but hubby was not as enthusiastic.. That is until I showed him the Safari print, he told me I MUST get this one!!"
Jaimie H.
Gorgeous and practical!
"Wasn't expecting this to be as big as it was, it's great to catch all the spills so much less outfit changes required then our old food bib... and the print is just spectacular!!!"
Jaimie H.
One of the sweetest and one of our favourites
"We bought 2 and turned them into a splat mat. Matches our smock. Thank you again Carla x"
Alichia L.
One of the best prints ever!
"Always such high quality and beautiful artwork. We had to have this one. Love a long time happy customer ❤️"
Alichia L.
"The nappies are so absorbent and just stunning to look at! Seeing these on bubs every day brings me so much happiness. Carla and the DB team truly go above and beyond with their customer service."
Emily M.
Five Star Nappies!
"My DB nappies have it all! They are absorbent, fit so well and look amazing. So many beautiful prints, my bub looks super cute in them and I always get comments on how pretty her nappies are."
Nicole S.
Bear Butt Mat
"Aurora Bearealis is one of my favourite all time favourite prints ... Teamed with a change mat itsjust divine. The change mats are super light weight & easy to fit into change bag, they wipe down easily or can be thrown in with washing. They are also same super soft material as the nappies. Which makes it Love from me 😍😍"
Shelley O.
Better than Christmas!!
"There is not a single negative thing I can say about Designer Bums, I am so over the moon with our recent purchases!! It’s honestly the best feeling waking up to a notification that our order was being delivered. I spend all day at home peeking through my front window waiting for our postie haha The products are always so beautiful and I’m not ashamed to say I squeal like a little girl going through them all haha there isn’t any other brand that gets me so excited!! Thank you for another amazing experience ♥️"
Emily B.
Booby love!!!
"I don’t leak a lot, but these are too gorgeous not to use! Hehe! Super absorbent and gorgeous to boot! 😍"
Allie M.
Pretty deadly
"Beautiful design and an easy nappy to use."
erin H.
Great wet bag for the pram
"Love this wet bag for throwing all clothes, nappies and washing while out and about with the pram."
Claire S.
Love my XL wetbags! I
"Love my XL wetbags! I can only get mine about 3/4 full before I need to put a wash on as it fits far more than my washing machine can handle!"
Rhiannon G.
Bowl covers
"Loving the new DB bowl covers, they’re good practical sizes and they make my left overs so much prettier."
Leah B.
Best minis on the market!
"We love our DB minis (well all our DB products really..). They’re such a versatile size. You can use it for your babies dirty nappies or keep it for yourself! It’s perfect for your reusable cup, make up, phone and bits..the list is endless! The print Sugar Bush is one of our fave all time DB prints. Thank you for producing yet another beautiful quality in a fantastic print!"
Deborah H.
Gorgeous AND practical
"What a brilliant product. A million and one uses in a beautiful quality product. Will be back for many more."
Jennifer W.
The sweetest mini ever
"These mini wet bags are just incredible, there’s thousands of uses for them from snack bags - a on the pram keys/ phone / coffee cup holder. Perfect size for a single nappy and dont take up any room in the nappy bag . This mini is a must have item"
shelley S.
Amazing colours
"I have a few designer bums nappies already & I love how trim they are. The colours of this print are so lovely and it’s such a different design to anything else I’ve seen in the MCN world. It would be great on a smock too!"
Amy J.
Gorgeous bib!
"Gorgeous bib that is a great size, great quality and just stunning to look at!"
Kathryn H.
Mountains of minis
"Good for everything, toy bag, snack bag, bibs or wipes, cutlery, medicine, pens.... oh and dirty nappies 👌👌 I think I need some more!!"
Kirstie K.